By taking standard business processes and employing years of project experience, a number of industry-specific solutions have been created and are now available without the need for tedious, time-consuming customization.

Company-specific configurations for optimizing business processes and data entries can also be defined, without additional programming required.

For specific requirements for individual and market-critical processes, custom solutions can be integrated in the system with little effort. And updates are never a problem.

The impressive system provides constant information on open items, orders, inventories, availabilities, as well as extensive statistics. And traceability right down to accessing an individual document is possible using drill-down mechanisms. Thanks to an intelligent data model, INTEGRA® does not need month-end and year-end reports and yet still provides correct information for the period in question and data that is precise down to the individual day. Memos, follow-ups, and documents can be stored both at master data and document level.

The system can be extended using additional modules for EDIFACT (EDI), telephone integration (CTI), document management (DMS), business intelligence (BI), mobile data recording (MDE) and apps, workflow, Office integration (Excel, Word, Outlook), and digital signatures.

INTEGRA® Ensures Maximum Stability

This is achieved using the leading ORACLE, Microsoft SQL server, or IBM Informix databases, among others. INTEGRA® uses corresponding data modeling/programming to support data consistency checks via the referential integrity of the database (the deletion of data records in use is protected by the database). The huge number of features offered makes INTEGRA® one of the most powerful ERP systems on the market as well as a representative of the new generation of innovative, highly integrated complete solutions.

Your Company Processes in One Solution

The challenge of collaborating with customers lies in the precise management of the cross-company supply chain. From order receipt by EDI or through active telephone presales, all processes are optimally supported using INTEGRA®.

All types of customer documents are recorded via the user-friendly interface of INTEGRA®. This can be done by means of direct entry in the customer’s product range, via displays and parts lists, or by calling up individual items. This process is supported by transferring over preorders or credit instructions that may already be stored in the system. An important foundation of customer relationships today is trust, and you win that trust by being reliable and offering advice to your customers.

With the TVV call management module, you can support your customers in a timely manner and cultivate business relationships. Call and delivery days are defined in the customer’s master data. Customers assigned to the processor and/or sales employees are shown with your data on a user-friendly interface. The employee can call up the order history directly and identify the items that a customer is no longer purchasing.

Regular customer deliveries can be defined as permanent orders. The automated integration of EDI is a crucial feature of INTEGRA® especially for operating retail chains.


Sales prices are determined by the market situation and competitors. As a successful company, it’s important not only to optimize your sales processes but also to use reliable ERP software that helps you check purchasing prices and conditions and continually improve.

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Warehouse and Logistics

Use INTEGRA® Warehouse and Logistics to optimize your processes and ensure that you are always able to deliver your products while at the same time keeping stock levels to a minimum through optimization routines. The automation and handling of goods based on mobile data devices improve process quality and accelerate the processing of flows of goods.

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Production and Manufacturing

For a manufacturer, both the procurement of components and sale of finished products are equally important factors. Shrinking markets place increasingly higher demands on your production organization: timely dispatch, timely procurement, capacity management, production-specific feedback, and current calculations increase your efficiency and guarantee a successful position on the market.

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QA and QM

Quality assurance is a necessary part of different company processes, such as when inspecting incoming goods or during production processes. Predefined inspection procedures for different criteria are employed cyclically or in spot checks. That way your customers are always well served.

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Your customers are your capital. In order to serve your existing customers well and acquire new customers, an integrated information system that facilitates reliable contact management for your sales employees, no matter where they are or what time it is, is crucial.

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Finance and Accounting

Today, a number of processes can be made faster thanks to new technologies and smart process solutions in INTEGRA Finance. The financial planning and analysis tools offer you a new perspective of your company.

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