INTEGRA® ERP Modul Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

It’s important to know where your company is today and what its current situation is. Efficient accounting allows you the opportunity for strategic planning and controlling. Real-time data is the key to transparent planning and ensures your success in the future.

To be able to make sound decisions and steer the growth of your company, you need a highly integrative solution that can be easily managed.

INTEGRA® Finance Accounting is a tested system and fully integrated module. Seamless collaboration between inventory management, accounting (finance, asset, and cost accounting), and human resources (wages and salaries, time recording) ensures an efficient workflow.

Software systems and a streamlined drill-down mechanism, detailed tracking of postings, comprehensive access to information, and graphical analysis of data are all needed.
Process any number of periods and business years at the same time and save your postings permanently online in accordance with legal regulations and GoBD/GDPdU German audit procedures.

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