ERP Software Forestry
  • Highly efficient forest management and easy wood logistics
  • Clear wood quantity management
  • Easy and fast process transparency
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Smart Processes for Sustainable Forest Management

Complex industry-specific requirements for natural resources call for a great deal of forest management knowledge. That’s why INTEGRA® combines the often individual forestry processes with efficient industrial processes, establishes audit compliance, and then simply works in the background.

INTEGRA® Forest offers you:

  • Various wood recording options – e.g. FOVEA, ELDAT
  • Easy wood quantity management
  • Extensive sales processes – e.g. contract sales, POS, payments, and securities checks
  • Extensive wood logistics – including track loading and shipping orders
  • Versatile natural controlling
  • Audit-compliant processes thanks to the INTEGRA® standard
  • Connection of complex cost accounting with natural controlling
  • Easy interaction of all INTEGRA® modules – e.g. accounting, time recording, and wages and salaries
  • Versatile hunting management – including hunting schedules, game recording, and IFS-compliant game marketing
  • Extensive functions for asset and finance accounting as well as cost accounting and archiving
  • Electronic data exchange in EDI, Excel, and XML
  • Convenient access to complex information and statistics
  • Effortless creation of statistics thanks to IBM/Cognos business intelligence/reporting solution