PASCAL = Trust + Innovation + Individuality

PASCAL thinks back:
In 1645 the Frenchman Blaise Pascal constructed a mechanical calculating machine. The simple system made out of cogs and locking catches helped his father in his work as a tax official. This solution was therefore one thing above all: designed for the user. And PASCAL stands for exactly the same thing.

PASCAL thinks with you:
Flared trousers to be seen on people everywhere, Abba coming out of every loudspeaker, and the clattering of typewriters in every office. Already in 1977 we suspected: It is getting even better! Since then we have been developing solutions for companies that are among the best in the world in their sectors. Microsoft, IBM and Citrix are among out strongest technology partners today.

PASCAL thinks in advance:
Our products grow with your tasks. Regardless of whether it’s software, hardware or network – we plan each stage of the work jointly with you. Transparency is the basis of a good partnership for us. For this reason it goes without saying that you are fully included in the project all the time. In this way we reach solutions that suit your wishes perfectly. We do not supply fridges to Eskimos.

PASCAL thinks holistically:
The global market demands the greatest possible flexibility. For this reason our ERP software is constructed in modules. At any time you can add components or leave them out. Whole programs come from one source, are optimally networked and co ordinated with one another. This guarantees a maximum in performance and security.
And if, even so, something is stuck, phone us! Any time. We offer 24/7 support for all our projects and products. In the end computers are also only people.

PASCAL thinks internationally:
From the USA to Indonesia – customers all over the world trust us. Because we speak their language, and not only verbally. We adapt the solution to your needs – and not the other way round. We clarify jointly with you what form of technical support is the best for you in this case, and are happy to do so in a personal conversation on the spot, regardless of whether it’s Birmingham, Bremen, Bydgoszcz or Beijing.