• Individual and product-specific inspection procedures
  • Cross-company quality assurance for the entire supply chain
  • Certificate check monitoring
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QA and QM

The rules for observing QA guidelines leave no room for interpretation. Entrepreneurs have to take the greatest care here. But incoming goods and production inspections (production reports) for systematic quality assurance are easily integrated in the workflow and managed with INTEGRA®. Quality assurance for raw materials generally takes place with incoming goods – using defined inspection procedures to check prescribed quality requirements and assign them to items and/or suppliers. The inspection procedures can be mapped differently in each company, with all tools provided. Dependency between suppliers and items can also be included, so you can always stay on the safe side.


Traceability requirements constantly raise new challenges for entrepreneurs. With complete batch tracking in INTEGRA®, you get transparency along the entire supply chain (SCM) and build on standards like the LMIV and fTrace in your company. Batch-specific tracking is ensured through batch management and MHD. The batches are assigned to deliveries or receipt postings in the warehouse and are provided for tracking purposes or electronic forwarding. Your suppliers’ batch numbers, or even your own, can be included. Batch numbers are generally put together during production – you can always search for any batch number and find out what products the materials went into. You can track materials forward (which raw material went into which end product) and backward (which end products have which raw materials).

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