INTEGRA® ERP Modul Production and Manufacturing
  • Formula levels in as fine a detail as desired
  • Work steps and raw materials
  • Capacity monitor
  • Customer-specific product configurations
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Production and Manufacturing

The basis for professional manufacturing is differentiated production planning. This can be created for a variable time frame, whereby all replenishment and requirement elements are taken into account. Material ranges and procurement times are part of the extensive purchasing planning as a basis for processing raw materials. The creation of multilevel formulas follows conventional practice and allows for different end products to be created from the same basic products. The preparatory batching of ingredients to be provided is also supported, as is the mapping of work steps with machines and people. Based on the requirement planning, production orders can be generated and dispatched automatically. The distribution of tasks to different departments involved in the production process is interactive or formula based. A detailed, deadline-oriented precalculation and final costing at every product level allows for precise profit analysis in connection with the customer agreements in place. And naturally, detailed batch tracking with preceding and subsequent batches is ensured across all production processes.

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