INTEGRA® ERP Modul Procurement


Profit lies in purchasing. That’s why it makes sense to store prices and conditions for items with a corresponding supplier reference. Store any number of suppliers per item to ensure you always get the best price.

The automatic order suggestion is used to calculate suggested quantities per item, taking warehouse-relevant master data stored for the item into account. The order quantities calculated in this program are suggestions that can still be changed. The program also offers the option of generating purchase orders from the automatically calculated or manually changed quantities.

Added to the order suggestion is transport optimization, which allows for automatic “loading” of items from the main supplier in question, in order to maximize a load in a truck or container or optimize the range. The quantities can be transferred over to the order suggestion and manually adjusted there.

The purchase requisition is used to record material needs. It may be required to procure safe stock levels for expected orders, for example. The purchase requisition can be used to link an approval procedure. Either individual items or the complete purchase requisition can be forwarded to authorized personnel in the approval procedure. The approval status can be seen at any time.

The contracts are used to procure a specific quantity of goods over a specific time period under specific terms and conditions. The goods can be ordered as needed within the specified time frame using delivery or order requests.

Purchase orders can be sent by EDI for an efficient order flow. Prices and any deviating item numbers or designations can be found in the master data for the item reference verification. Checking invoices after incoming goods have been posted is very easy. The received supplier invoice is checked against the purchase order in the system and automatically posted in the finance accounting.

The purchasing area is integrated in the CRM info cockpit with supplier and item statistics.
The open processes can be queried by supplier, item, and delivery date in order to evaluate overdue purchase orders, for example. Feedback for queries to suppliers is processed in the price comparison list.

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