INTEGRA® ERP Modul Sales
  • Comprehensive support for your customers across all company processes
  • Extensive mapping of complex price and trade conditions
  • Linking of data from inventory management and finance accounting
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Long-term customer loyalty is the aim of every company. Optimally exploiting full potential calls for the integrated INTEGRA® CRM solution. A comprehensive approach to active customer retention encompasses strategic planning, operative dialogue, and analysis and cultivation of the relationship. Use the INTEGRA® information cockpit to access all required ERP data, such as address information, quotes, orders, invoices, and outstanding items, as well as inventory levels and dispatch and sales data. The customer status is a summary of the most important information for sales in the form of a compressed overview.

Pricing and Conditions

In the pricing and conditions area, industry-specific models are mapped out and maintained at different hierarchy levels both for customers and for items. The conditions are either invoice relevant or apply as bonuses/refunds at a later time, but they are calculated for specific periods – bonus recipients can also be third parties. In order to be well prepared even before the annual reviews, you record the required advertising subsidies in the planning area, which unlocks the corresponding measures when the received subsidy invoice is posted. Your product calculation gives you advance information about where your profit margin is for the stored purchase prices for raw materials and bonuses/refunds. That way you know how much leeway you have for your negotiations.

Customer Balance

How successful you actually are with your customers individually can be seen with INTEGRA® Customer Balance. Customer Balance can generate a multilevel costing analysis. Any number of calculation schemes with intermediary sums and calculation formulas for different approaches can be freely defined. Sources for the calculated figures can come from any company department covered by INTEGRA®. Integration of external data from upstream and downstream systems is also possible using the Excel import function.

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