Planning – Production – Dispatch: three steps – one software

Bundle your business processes into one system solution. That is easy and user friendly: you work on one desk top. It’s efficient and time saving. You don’t need any more multiple entries and it’s profitable. INTEGRA® always looks for best-practice. Our modules get adapted to your needs and not the other way round.

Warehouse & Logistics

No more stop-gap measures

Today it is more important than ever to make optimal use of capital. Neither overcrowded warehouses nor stockouts will help you to increase your sales. With INTEGRA® Warehouse and Logistics, which is an independent component of the INTEGRA® product family, you can always keep track.


Your customers are your capital

Stay in contact with your customers! INTEGRA® Sales is interlinked to other modules of the INTEGRA® product family. The module knows exactly when and why your sales representatives ought to see certain customers. All you have to do is to pick up the receiver.


Optimized processes will guarantee good turnovers

Prices are the lifeblood of the competition. You will get an enormous advantage when you use an EDP-system that helps you with pricing and control. INTEGRA® Procurement has everything you need; it’s just a mouse click.


Time is money

No matter whether you send your goods with your own fleet, freight forwarders, or other logistics companies, your Dispatch and route planning is in good hands with us. Due to the possible online-connection of your forwarding agent and the timely reporting of shipping data via EDI/DESADV you can reduce your paperwork to a minimum. In doing so, you will save time and nerves.

Planning & Statistics

A rosy future depends on planning

He who is not looking ahead is lagging behind. INTEGRA® Enterprise Resource Planning helps you with the exact analysis of your business figures. It quickly delivers all the necessary data for financial and liquidity planning, and your sales. Planning by numbers – the secret for a solid business!