INTEGRA® BI – Comprehensive Company Reports

INTEGRA® BI gives you quick and easy access to important information, anytime and anywhere. Innovative modules for queries and reporting, integrated analysis features, and our universal dashboard provide you, at a glance, with meaningful KPIs concerning the most important business data. Insight into business situations and autonomous reporting are part of the standard tools needed to supply all company departments with data. It’s important that users be able to call up the information they need easily at any time. INTEGRA® BI gives you and your employees the option of adapting reports flexibly and individually.

Complex situations can be presented in simple terms. Effective company management is possible when managers and employees can see all of the relevant processes in the company at any time. Dashboards convey complete information quickly and in a user-friendly format,
and deliver clear data on current, planned, and past results based on the set objectives.

INTEGRA® BI is always mobile

With the mobile BI solution from ORGA-SOFT®, you always have your company data at hand – no matter where you are or what device you use. Intuitive operation and interactive visualization of real-time data makes it easy for users to make decisions on their own. Sales reps and field workers can provide up-to-date and competent advice to customers thanks to a direct connection (online and offline).