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We have the optimal service for trouble-free operations for you in stock.

Every year, trucks carry millions tons of goods on our roads to ensure that the most diversified freight gets to the right destination at the right time. The enormous logistic efforts just with fresh products and the sales related endeavours, which are hidden under the canvas cover, can only be understood by those who know about the details. We have developed interconnected solutions for internal business processes. They are tailor-made for the requirements of your wholesale business. 

Our service will help you to react with customised offers and competitive prices to the requirements of your customers and the market in the twinkling of an eye.

You will benefit from:

Better procurement on the basis of more transparency when purchasing from the best possible supplier at the latest price. A clearly structured organisation of distribution and services for sustainable customer retention and for the development of new business areas. Faster decisions in the main processes such as stock receipt, consignment sale, packaging and dispatch (free liquid resources can be used for future investments). And, finally, customised pricing and profit contribution analyses.

Our individual solutions at a glance:

Good to know:

In addition to the usual document processing, we have a telephone selling module with customer call times and assortment lists for you. Our plus for the common sales: convenient management of sales calls and follow-ups. … and by the way, CRM, EDI, MDE, CTI, LBS, MIS & BI are no foreign words for us. Do you need detailed traceability for your business processes including the documentary evidence of origin?  No problem. It’s an INTEGRA standard function.


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