Shipping companies, freighters & ship brokers

Seaworthy solutions for shipping companies, freighter & ship broker.

We tidy up with your data processing, finance and accounting management.

„Nimm mich mit Kapitän auf die Reise” ... „bis nach Hamburg, da steig ich aus,” once sang the German Hans Albers  in a shanty  about Hamburg, the pearl at the river Elbe. Germany’s biggest seaport is still an important hub for ocean shipping. Our Hamburg headquarter is in the vicinity of shipping companies, freighters, and ship brokers and apart from the spatial proximity, we have succeeded in developing best business contacts to them.

Our software package INTEGRA® offers on the basis of long term experiences within this business area perfectly fitting solutions for finance and accounting systems. The continuous growth and change of seaports will certainly result in new challenges. Our systems can help you to stay at your quality levels.

You will benefit from:

Interlinked performances. Systematic consideration of proportional value added tax and VAT returns for feeder services etc. Different kind of goods and grain size definitions. Container type and IMDG code management. Time charter management and port master data including wharf allocation.

Our individual solutions at a glance:

  • LZB messages ( Z4, Z5a)
  • Optional business years and periods, bookable at the same time
  • Evaluation of price movements according to the minimum and maximum value concept   
  • Report generator for user defined balance and GuV-analyses
  • Currencies
  • Filing

Good to know:

Our special add-one module for the maritime industries includes: mixed open accounts, business accounts (travel expense accounting/forwarding accounts), cash basis accounting, foreign payment transactions. Our standard solutions provide detailed traceability and proof of origin documentation.


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