Fresh Produce Trade

Crisp solutions for fresh produce trade.

Crisp solutions for fresh produce trade We ensure even fresher goods for your customer. Never confuse apples and pears again: Germans eat nine million tons of fruit and vegetables a year. That’s quite a lot! Our software enables you to keep track of it all. Take, for example, our newly developed warehousing vizualisation. By just one mouse click it tells you where particular goods are stored or which pallet needs to be moved and when. That way, you save time and costs. But there’s a lot more our business application can do: From precise daily inventory to administration of price lists to telephone sales – we know exactly what is needed in the fresh produce trade.

Our INTEGRA® branch solution has the required know-how and is fluent in EDI, Excel and XML. Of course, our software can record and process EAN numbers and assist in calculating prices. And once everything is sold, the management of empties takes care of the rest.

You will benefit from:

A highly efficient warehouse inventory management, clear and user-friendly item administration and quick price calculation. And all of that by using one software eliminating any inefficiency.

Our individual solutions at a glance:

  • Basic system with master data for purchasing and sales
  • Administration of items and assortments
  • EAN number management
  • Price lists – scale prices – special discounts (per sub-item), increases and reductions
  • Warehouse inventory management of lots, batches, sub-items, reservations
  • Lot tracking and accounting
  • Managing incoming invoices
  • Quotations, price list management
  • Blanket orders
  • Fast data capturing, telephone sales, sales document tracing
  • Complex information systems and statistics
  • Consignment accounting
  • Empties management
  • DSD accounting
  • Sending of documents via email and fax
  • Financial accounting, cost accounting, asset accounting, archiving
  • Electronic exchange of data (EDI, Excel, XML)

Good to know:

By using the integrated reporting tool IBM/Cognos, you can easily create your own statistics and analyze price lists. This data helps to optimize delivery times and distances. This way, you save time and money.


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