Production brought to perfection

Almost one hundred years ago, the German poet Christian Morgenstern once opined that Organisation is the magic word that rules the future, and, there is no doubt, his words have become reality. Our module INTEGRA® production adds a genuine value to your organisation. It controls each production step: from the timely procurement of components through the intelligent management of capacities to the dispatch of goods within the time stipulated. And what’s more: it can visualise all processes in a clear layout either as network plan or diagram. Queues belong to the past, except it’s about the queue at the buffet table in your staff canteen during lunch time.

Moreover, INTEGRA® production also provides current calculations: before, after completion, and throughout the execution of processes, and thus ensures the highest possible degree of efficiency.

You will benefit from:

A continuous flow of information, which includes all sections of your company, major commercial application, and comprehensive process control. Maximal flexibility and best organisation ensure cost optimisation and competitive advantages!

Our individual solutions at a glance:

  • Disposition / production control
  • forward and back scheduling
  • calculation of slack time
  • workloads
  • detection of bottlenecks and corrective measures
  • overlapping and splitting of batches
  • planning support through charts
  • order related production (batch production)
  • small-scale series and serial production
  • multilevel parts list and work schedules
  • up-to-date pre-costing analyses and product costing analyses
  • internal order / company forms
  • various feedbacks for work in progress
  • multilingual applications (system language/document language)

Good to know:

Our integrated solutions for statistics and reporting enable you to make your own summaries in addition to standard evaluations. Moreover, we are also quite familiar with BDE, MDE, EDI, CRM, MIS & BI. The standard functionality of our solutions also includes the traceability of proceedings with proof of origin.


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