Process Industries

The Alpha and Omega in the alphabet of our everyday life

Coatings, lipsticks, foodstuffs – products of the process industries are with us in any situation in our life. This highly complex sector of industry with its rapid innovation cycles depends on each and every detail: improved formulas, changing raw material prices, statutory directives, industrial standards etc.  INTEGRA® is an ERP system for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry that is able to control all processes from the development stage of vaccines to quality assurance for the new fine food line up to the continuous monitoring of stocks and despatch of goods. We know from experience customer satisfaction means that everything is not only just fine or hunky-dory but perfect. 

You will benefit from:

… the continuous flow of information (starting with major commercial applications to production control), optimised internal business processes (including cost optimisation), and a high degree of flexibility and reliability, transparency and comprehensibility.

Our individual solutions at a glance:

  • Materials management incl. requirements planning and procurement
  • Filing of formulas
  • Automatic preparation of production quantities and product specifications
  • Store and batch management, batch tracing and best before date
  • Sales
  • Integrated interface to ChemGes: enables classification in compliance with general
    classification directives for preparations of the EC (directive 1999/45/EC in its last
    applicable version) and according to GHS, Globally Harmonized System
    of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (calculated in accordance with UN and
    EC directives)
  • QM system for the verification of specifications and approval of batches
  • Description of all forms of cross-company cooperation (EDI, purchasing associations)

Good to know:

With the integrated reporting system IBM/COGNOS you will be able to prepare your own overviews in addition to standard analyses… and moreover: CRM, EDI, MDE, CTI, LBS, MIS & BI are no foreign words to us. Our standard solutions provide detailed traceability and proof of origin documentation.


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