Cloud / SaaS Solutions

Light as a cloud and yet grounded

Cloud Computing is the IT of the future. This “Cloud Computing” means that you free your cellars from thick server towers and let others work for you. It is a long time since Cloud Computing was restricted to rented storage for your data. You can outsource your IT services almost limitlessly. Even the software (“Software as a Service’, – SaaS). For example with our INTEGRA® SaaS.

You can also operate your whole desk by remote control. With “Desktop as a Service” you bring the complete PC environment of your employees online into the office. A virtual workplace, which does not cost you a byte of storage space.

As regards storage space, every new version of an operating system is as a rule larger than its predecessor, and therefore needs more storage space. But now, instead of always buying new processors, because the old ones are bursting at the seams at some time or other and becoming slower and slower, you can organise your storage needs simply in a decentralised way in Cloud Computing – a gigantic hard drive out of the office, always available, always capable of being upgraded.

And if even the newest processor is too slow for you, you can simply additionally activate the turbo: our high-performance data centres are enormously capable, have a high level of security and can be integrated quite easily into the IT of your company.

By the way, Cloud Computing does not mean that the service is only a promise in the sky. Of course we remain available to you round the clock!

The advantages of this innovation from INTEGRA® – SaaS are obvious:

  • hardware capacity (server, storage, network) suitable for your requirements
  • current security standards
  • downtime security
  • access protection
  • regular software updates
  • capacity quickly upgraded
  • straightforward connection to branch offices
  • mobile access