Adjustable solutions for forestry

Plenty of timber for forestry: Almost one third of Germany is covered with forests. Roughly fifty million cubic metre of wood are harvested and chosen for further processing every year. But not only, German forests provide work for 1.3 million people. This figure clearly exceeds the total number of employees within machinery and plant engineering or electrical engineering. Forests are by far more than habitats or wood suppliers; they are food sources and areas for recreation, too.

Like a strong oak tree: The all-rounder INTEGRA® from PASCAL provides a one-system solution with optimal control for various sectors. Clever systems help to advance your business and enable the considerate use of forest resources. That’s what we call sustainability.

You will benefit from:

… the all-in-one-solution of INTEGRA® from PASCAL. It covers the whole range of processes from resource management in the forest warden’s office to adventure park administration with stationary and mobile cash systems, and not ceasing with the checking of best-before dates for game meat.

Our individual solutions at a glance:

  • Extended natural resource data (e.g. timber numbers, segments, tree species, quality, calamity, decortication of bark, logging permissions, quantities, prices)
  • Recording of loose and stacked wood cubic metres
  • Management of associated service providers (sawmills, slaughtering business)
  • Hunting administration and shoot management, accompanying meat transfer certificates
  • Support for telephone enquiries by CTI connection
  • Links to web shops
  • Integrated financial management

It’s reassuring that…

… one standard functionality of our solution implies, i.a.: exact traceability of all sales and batches, including timber numbers, harvest site numbers and lots. INTEGRA® even records bookings and sales that are not on inventory lists with their individually arranged small-scale advertising (e.g. firewood).


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